Which Business Management Degrees Will Make You Rich in Sri Lanka 2022

Business Management Degrees are a new degree option and is one of the wonderful selections. With sky-high salaries, high job growth, and open opportunities in many industries, Business Management is an excellent choice for a profession. Nevertheless, not every business degree and business programs are producing equivalent knowledge. Some have different elements, paths of studies, and can start off with very different types of jobs! Find out here about what the most helpful business degrees are, and which ones will pave the way for an enormous salary.

Obtaining a business degree can be an essential investment in the journey of your life for a high-sky salary. The code which maximizes that investment should understand and reveals which fields of business provides the highest pay.

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Best 7, Highest Paying Business Degrees in Sri Lanka

We discovered the highest paying business degrees based on numerous recent published learning materials and data. Here are our results

for the best seven highest paying degrees in the field of business.

07.Human Resources

Human Resources

Supplies aren’t the entire thing firms need to succeed. To run efficiently, firms and organizations also require hardworking employees. Graduate degree programs in human resources guide students on managing the necessary administrative tasks associated with staffing and employee relationships.

Having a master’s degree will advance a candidate’s career chances in this competitive field. Human resource managers play a vital role in organizations. They combine a company’s employees with its’ supervision and administration team and manage work tasks such as hiring of staff, developing and controlling of employees and managing matters related to employees.

06. Marketing

Marketing is continuously improving. With modern discoveries and technologies being developed at a

 higher phase, there is an massive need for smart and creative marketers and marketing managers. There are numerous positions in marketing,

The salary of a marketing and sales manager depends on the employer’s capacity and the range of job duties. A significant national or global corporation’s marketing manager will earn more than a marketing manager of a small business that 

business management degree

makes most local transactions. A bachelor’s degree in marketing will prepare you for more entry-level roles like marketing specialist. 

05. Supply Chain Management

In the process of manufacturing to retailing, all kinds of organizations require some sort of supplies to continue their operations moving. Supply chain management is the systematic operational method of acquiring, issuing and managing goods and supplies for a business or organization’s survival in the industry. This may be either for  internal use, production purposes or retail sales.

Supply Chain Management

A bachelor’s degree in supply management can set you up all the way to a logistic manager profession. This is a job with a six-figure monthly pay.

04. Business Administration

business management degrees

Amoung the buiness management degrees, Business Administration degree is the traditional pathway for business professionals who want to advance into high-paying roles.

There are lots of roles you can continue with your BA. It helps to determine a well-respected institution and a sought-after specialization. Chief executives like CEOs usually need a BA. Many of the profitable business professional pathways are accessible for students who get a BA with a proper application. Chief executives have the highest-earning position in the business world. The median pay is about five times the median wage for all professions.

While not almost as profitable as chief executives, and  management analysts yet stand high on top-paying business professions.

03. Finance

Exceptional brains in the field of finance are always needed in the business world and considering that the highest paid jobs in businesses are generally in the finance field. Finance could be the road to go, especially if you have a talent for figures.


“Finance, Accounting, Management, and Economics.” Still, while those are focused on studying for a bachelor’s degree in finance, and it may not eventually become household names, instead they can command enviable salaries once they go into the world of work.

A master’s in finance degree helps students who 

want to work as financial managers. They analyze market trends, investment planning to develop business forecasts and make them reach high profitable status in the field of business.

02. Statistics

Statistics learners don’t operate only with formulas, but further with computer softwares. In fact, using data analysis software is an integral to the study of statistics. It is also suggested that students take some computer science and computer programming courses While some entry-level positions in the field of statistics are opened with graduates from a bachelor’s degree program,


The statistician is the position title presented to Mathematics specialists who collect and decide data through statistical approaches to solve business queries and forecasts.

For statisticians, professional chances are highly positive. While the anticipated rise in job possibilities for all jobs is just seven percent above a decade, statisticians look at an “extremely faster than average” growth pace of 34 percent.


A degree in economics tops our listing of the most leading paying degrees in business. An economics degree guides students to analyze how the production and distribution of supplies affect the market. Economists work in all industries, such as healthcare, education, energy, etc. Also, all government levels, from local to national select economists to evaluate and evaluate data. According to data, the median pay for economists 


is approximately four times the average pay compared to the average of all other professions. In addition to economics courses, an economics degree will educate students on analytical thinking and analysis required to make accurate economic estimates. Also, students will take courses in writing and speaking to become equipped to articulate their findings efficiently.


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