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The first impression of any guest is the most important for retention. This heavy responsibility lies on the shoulders of the housekeeping department. Housekeeping is not just cleaning but rather the quality of treating guests in a warm, friendly, generous way. Our industry driven courses combined with highly competent and professional lecturers put you on the fast track to success.

Combining theory lessons on guest service and interaction, job roles and safety at work with thorough practical sessions on cleaning equipment, proper use of housekeeping equipment and guest service best practices, our courses provide all the tools and assistance necessary to jumpstart a career aboard a ship and propel yourself towards a fruitful and satisfying career. Our courses nurture your English ability, helping you learn how to interact with guests, collaborate with peers to discuss interests, ask for help during complex tasks and other communication skills that are vital to the success of any aspiring professional.

Housekeeping personnel play a vital role in the success of cruise ship operations. In fact, passenger safety and ship cleanliness are top priorities for cruise lines. Our students get detailed instructions on how to complete routine tasks. In turn, the quality and consistency of their work shows. Our practical sessions focus on service, health and safety, proper use of chemicals and equipment and more.

Our course is easily accessible to anyone from any background. Our graduates are safe in knowing that they finish our courses with a complete arsenal of housekeeping know-how to take the standard of hospitality wherever they work to the next level.


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