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The duties of a ship steward varies greatly with the type of ship they work on. Learn from the experience of some of the best professionals on how to carry out responsibilities and build a worthwhile career for your future. Be on the front lines of customer service. Work in bars, taking drink orders directly from customers or work on the busy restaurant floor, bringing a smile and sense of satisfaction to guests with your impeccable service. You will learn the many ways of serving guests, how to carry yourself, how to serve alcohol responsibly and employ suggestive selling techniques to pair wines, promote meals and explain the various dishes commonly found in fine dining.

Expect a life full of surprises and fun, dynamic learning with our food and beverage utility courses. Food and beverage is so deeply rooted in almost all cultures that making and selling them is not only a matter of making and selling a product but products that nurture people’s body, soul and heart. Our courses provide the necessary models, tools and lecture staff to help tackle some of the complexities of this sector. You will be presented with 12 modules ranging from the service sequence, menu knowledge to alcoholic beverages and the responsible service of alcohol, all combined with an extensive set of practical sessions that will train and polish your service skills to the level of an industrial veteran.

Our course is highly and easily accessible with training in the soft skills, like English, team work and industry training all provided under one roof.


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