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For nearly fifty years, the Institute has been acclaimed for The Graduateship Programme in Chemistry (GIC), which is a four-year professional qualification. 


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The total number of credits that need to be covered at the end of four years is 120. In the first two years, students are required to have completed 49 credits, whereas the rest of the 71 credits must be completed during the third and fourth years. 


In the first two years, students will be offered fundamental and intermediate course units in the areas of organic, physical, inorganic, analytical and biochemistry. Even though the essence of the programme is Chemistry, selected topics in subjects, such as Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Electronics and Statistics are taught to support undergraduates to cope with more advanced Chemistry course units offered at upper levels, while providing broad-base education strengthening the quality and relevance of the degree.


During the third and fourth years, students will be have the opportunity to select course units from among a wide range of industry-based optional topics, tailored to assist them apply themselves directly into practical situation. Students can also opt to follow research-oriented courses that constitute advanced theoretical concepts in Chemistry. The multitude of industry-oriented courses offered makes the GIC programme a professional qualification. 


Students are given hands-on experience in laboratory components during the first three years of the degree. In addition to coursework, senior students will be allowed to choose either a research project or an internship based on their GPA. We hope to lay a solid foundation for our undergraduates to be exposed to research methodologies and techniques, which will assist them to develop their rational thinking and proficiency as a chemist.


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Program Type:Chemistry
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Method:Full time
Commencement:March 2022
Duration:4 years
Location: Colombo


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