GDSE – BSc (Hons) in Computer Science

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Full Time / Part Time


2 Years


Galle / Colombo


December 2021


What is GDSE – BSc (Hons) in Computer Science?

Graduate Diploma in Software Engineering also known as GDSE is the best choice for your Higher Eduction which gives you a rich Academic and Professional experience. GDSE is the most secure and reliable way in Sri Lanka to become a Software Engineer with a Degree and a High-salary.

Who should follow GDSE?

  • After A/L Students
  • University Expecting Students

Why follow GDSE after A/L’s?

Can you master more than 10 Major Modules in your IT Related Degree before entering into the university? Interested??

You worked so hard and finally, you have got a chance to enter into a university to pursue your Higher Education dream. Well, everything seems okay up to now, right? But unfortunately, it is not a smooth path like we heard countless times in the A/L classes from tuition teachers. After entering into the university for your IT related degree, you will have to follow countless new modules that you have never heard of. So, it will be quite hard to understand them at the beginning, and to make things even worse you are in a very competitive environment now where everyone is willing to try to get a good GPA. But don’t worry we have your back.

So what is the solution?

Let us break it down for you. GDSE is a unique fast track training program to boost and enhance the knowledge of the “to be undergraduates” and present undergraduates. GDSE 1st Semester and GDSE 2nd Semester is built from scratch to ensure 100% success inside the campus. We ensure that you can cover more than ten major modules in your degree within the GDSE program which helps you to get ahead and show colors in front of your other colleagues. Apart from that, there are many other benefits as well. Such as the ability to develop projects while doing campus projects and studies, ensuring the confidence needed for upcoming internships, in which most of them are not provided by the campus itself. After finishing the A/L’s, it takes only 6 months to complete the 1st Semester of GDSE, thus it will not be another baggage to your campus life


Last Updated On:May 18th, 2021 at 8:28 am
Method:Full Time / Part Time
Commencement:December 2021
Duration:2 Years
Location: Galle / Colombo


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  • Library
  • LMS
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