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Construction managers play a central and pivotal role in the planning and execution of building projects of all sizes and spanning all sectors. The professional construction manager assists with and oversees the planning, organizing and ongoing supervision of both building construction projects and building maintenance.

This Diploma in Construction Management represents the ideal course for those looking to join an incredibly dynamic and potentially lucrative industry, or perhaps take an existing position within the construction sector to new heights. The skills of the professional construction manager are highly-prized and sought-after across numerous core business sectors – particularly in an era when global property development is accelerating as its fastest ever pace.

Course Structure

  • Unit 1 – Introduction to Construction Management
  • Unit 2 – Development and Organization of Construction Projects
  • Unit 3 – Importance of Estimation in Construction Work
  • Unit 4 – Preliminary Investigations, Location and Site Selection
  • Unit 5 – Site Organization
  • Unit 6 – Planning for Equipment
  • Unit 7 – Equipment Management
  • Unit 8 – Material Management
  • Unit 9 – Purchase and Storage Management
  • Unit 10 – Specialized Buying and Vendor Management
  • Unit 11 – Quality Controlling During Construction
  • Unit 12 – Human Resource Management
  • Unit 13 – Legal Aspects of Contract



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Program Type:Construction
Method:Full Time | Part Time
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