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CMA Sri Lanka qualification is one of the most applicable management accounting qualifications in Sri Lanka and some other parts of the world. The qualification helps the students and the members in different sectors such as government, private and Non – Governmental organizations to perform a better practice in the management accounting and finance. CMA Sri Lanka is the national body for management accounting in Sri Lanka incorporated under statute. The syllabus contents and the exam structure of this profession have been designed in accordance with the emerging requirements in the commercial world for the management accountants with the guidance of some foreign accountancy bodies. With the full professional CMA qualification you will become the prime source of financial information to make business decisions as a head of finance or a financial consultant of the company in private sector or in the public sector.

The different industries seek for talented management accountants and strategic finance professions and CMA Sri Lanka helps you to become a qualified candidate for the proper recognition in the professional world. CMA qualification will help you to gain the technical ability of the accountancy while increasing your capacity in the area of fully fledged accountancy knowledge.

CMA is ensure to upgrade your skills and the knowledge where you can add value addition to the financial portfolio of the company and that’s why this qualification is highly accepted worldwide understanding the benefits that one can gain through the comprehensive knowledge of CMA The fully qualified CMA members and the students who are following CMA are required to conform to the code of ethics of CMA and to adapt to the fundamental principles of the practical world while maintaining the commitment of keeps its standard of ethics and professional at its highest levels.


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Method:Full time/Part time
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