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The Bachelor of Science Honours (BSc Hons) degree in Chemical Science is a four-year, full-time programme designed as per the Sri Lanka Quality Framework (SLQF) Level 6, to provide a comprehensive education in chemistry to all our undergraduates. The main objectives of this degree programme are, (1) to bring economic benefits and sustainable development to the country through manufacturing and value addition; and (2) to contribute to research in chemical science globally.     


In the first two years, students will be offered fundamental and intermediate course units in the areas of organic, physical, inorganic, analytical, and biochemistry. Even though the essence of the programme is Chemistry, selected topics in subjects such as Mathematics and Biology are taught to assist undergraduates to cope up with more advanced course units offered at upper levels. Moreover, during the first two years, students will receive a solid foundation in subjects, such as Physics, Electronics, and Statistics, which will indeed lead our undergraduates to receive broad-based education strengthening the quality and relevance of the degree.

In the third and fourth years, advanced concepts in Chemistry, as well as several Management course units, will be offered. While following such compulsory course units, students have the opportunity to select course units from among many industry-related optional topics as well. The optional course units are customized to impart relevant knowledge that will aid a chemist to thrive in an industrial setting.

The BSc programme includes a strong laboratory component designed to provide substantial hands-on experience in all areas of Chemistry during the first three years of the degree. Besides, in the final year, students must conduct a research project of 6 credits, granting them the option to choose between an academic or industrial project. We hope to lay the foundation for our undergraduates to be exposed to research methodologies and to gain an understanding of research techniques, which will assist them to improve their rational thinking and proficiency as chemists.

The programme is designed to include a subsidiary management component totaling to 26 credits. Chemical science and management is a unique combination that would support students to develop into competent individuals in the competitive job market. The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon is the only education fraternity offering this subject combination in South Asia. We are focused on producing chemists equipped with sharp managerial skills together with a strong background in Chemistry.


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