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BSc (Hons) Computer Science

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4 Years




Become the next highly sought after professional in the field of Computer Science. Whether it’s software development, internet and web management, cloud technologies, or network computing you’re interested in, we have a pathway for you.

Our BSc (Hons) Computer Science degrees will put you at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies. Throughout your studies, you will combine knowledge of the fundamentals of computer science theory and technology with specialist learning and real-world work experience.

The three years of academic study will give you a broad knowledge of computer science, while allowing you to specialise in your chosen area.

In the first year, you will gain an all-round knowledge in Computer Science covering aspects of software development, application modelling, digital technologies, as well as delve into concepts of networking cloud technologies and web development.

In the second year, you will continue to do a few more core modules covering commercial computing, and databases and data structures. Interestingly, this is when you will have the chance to tailor your course to your interests and future career ambitions; you may opt to study Computer Science as a broad degree, or specialise in:

  • Cloud Technologies
  • Internet and Web Management
  • Network Computing
  • Software Development

In your final year, you’ll take your specialisation further by studying advanced modules. Your course will culminate in a Final Project, which will be planned with your course leader; this will be tailored to your own personal needs and demonstrate your knowledge of computer science.

Teaching and Learning

You will learn through lectures, tutorials and workshops. Lectures are highly interactive and incorporate group discussions, video presentations, and activity based learning. Learning activities are designed to develop soft skills as well as your ability to work independently and as part of a group. Your learning experience will be enriched by field visits and guest lectures by industry experts.

Admission Requirements

The minimum qualifications required for admission on the standard route are:
A. GCE Advanced Level
a. Sri Lankan: 3 passes or
b. London, Cambridge or Edexcel : 3 D passes or
c. Any combination totalling to 12 points from the following tariff scheme:

GCE Advanced Level Grade
(Sri Lankan/London/Cambridge/Edexcel)
Points 10 8 6 4 2

Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology Degree Foundation
B. GCE/GCSE Ordinary Level – Credit Passes (Grade 4) for English and Mathematics
C. Equivalent qualifications

Career Opportunities

You will be able to commence your career as an Associate Software Engineer, Application Developer, Web Engineer, Web Developer or Quality Assurance Engineer. You will progress through your career in job roles such as Technical Lead and Software Architect leading to senior positions associated with influencing the technology direction of an enterprise or industry.

Registration Fee (non refundable) – LKR 40,000.00 (one-time payment)
Library Fee (non refundable) – LKR 25,000.00 (one-time payment)
Transnational Education Fee – LKR 40,000.00 (annual payment)

Course fees
Course fees for the degree programme may be paid upfront or in instalments. The course fee includes tuition fee, cost of course materials and assessment and examination fees, but excludes fees payable for any resit or additional examinations and repeat modules. Students may choose one of the three payment options at each level.

Option 1
Full Payment Up Front
LKR 550,000/-
LKR 550,000/-
LKR 550,000/-
Option 2
Semester Payment
LKR 285,000/- x 2
LKR 285,000/- x 2
LKR 285,000/- x 2
Option 3
Monthly Payment
LKR 73,500/- x 8
LKR 73,500/- x 8
LKR 73,500/- x 8
Examination Re-sit Fee – LKR 10,000.00 (per 15 credit module)
In‐course Re-sit Fee – LKR 10,000.00 (per 15 credit module)
Repeat Module Fee – LKR 62,500.00 (per 15 credit module)



Last Updated On:February 22nd, 2021 at 6:10 pm
Program ID:DL-2057-AXZR
Price: 1,650,000 LKR/Semester/Monthly
Currency Type:LKR (LKR)
Method:Full time / Part time
Duration:4 Years
Location: Colombo


  • Cafeteria
  • Library
  • LMS
  • Study Area
  • Wi-Fi

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