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Recommended Subjects for BCOM(SP)

The combination of subjects recommended for the First Examination in Commerce and for the B.Com. (Special) degree course is decided by the department. Candidates must sit all subjects; details of syllabi will be issued to all registered candidates of the course.

When a candidate who works in an academic department of this University seeks registration for a degree course he/she must submit a declaration with the recommendation of the relevant Head of the Department, saying that he / she will not select subject / subjects related to the Department where he / she works.

Requirements for Registration

Candidates who wish to follow this degree course, should register for the First Examination in Commerce. If one of the following pre-requisites can be fulfilled:

(a) Passed, in one sitting a minimum of three approved subjects at the General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) Examination conducted by the Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka. . (Preference will be given to candidates those who studied approved subjects under Commerce Stream.)

(b) Candidates who do not possess the qualifications stated in section (a) above, can apply for registration if they have any one of the following qualifications accepted by the University of Kelaniya:

  1. Have one of the qualifications (as indicated in schedule No. 1 herein) considered by the University of Kelaniya for registration as an external candidate for the relevant examinations leading to the Bachelors’ Degree in Commerce.
  2. A degree of a recognised University (Vide schedule No.2 herein).
  3. Any other qualification considered and recognised as equivalent to any of the above by the Faculty of Commerce and Management and the Senate of the University of Kelaniya. (Prospective applicants for registration must forward to the University a letter giving full details of such qualifications supported by copies of relevant certificates before they apply for registration in the prescribed form.)

Age Limit

Candidates for External Degree Courses should have completed 18 years of age. A certified copy of the Birth Certificate should be forwarded with the application for registration.

Medium / Language

All external degree examinations are conducted in Sinhala and English, other than language exams.

To the attention of External Candidates:
All external candidates are advised to read and understand clearly all information given in this Student Handbook and are kindly requested to keep it safe until completion of their degree courses.
The University of Kelaniya without any prior notification reserves the right to revise information given in this Student Handbook.


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Program Type:Business
Method:Full Time / Part Time
Duration:4 Years
Location: Kelaniya


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