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Over the past 25 years, AAT Sri Lanka has provided the country with professionally qualified and technically trained Accounting Technicians who have performed all the functions required of them, with the knowledge and expertise required for the 21st century. As it moves into its 26th year, the association is gearing itself to meet the toughest demands of a competitive and dynamic environment. Through the years of its operation, AAT has gained recognition as a body that provides both affordable and market-oriented skills as well as training for newcomers and accounting professionals, equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to succeed. Currently AAT Sri Lanka has 36,000 registered students which is the highest number of students registered in any educational body.

AAT Sri Lanka is proud that its students have fared exceptionally well in exams both within Sri Lanka and overseas. The Institute is committed to providing students with the best education and its students have performed beyond expectations.

Today many AAT Sri Lanka members are employed in different organizations across the country both in the public and private sectors. The scope of activities of AAT Sri Lanka ranges from education to assessment and professional development. The AAT Sri Lanka does not confine its activities to merely educating and training students but also to equipping them with the soft skills needed to succeed in a competitive environment. Students are provided with career guidance, job placement, advice and direction. In addition, the Institute organizes seminars and workshops for members. This is a holistic approach with a view to producing well-rounded, middle and higher level accounting professionals, who can meet the multiple demands of their workplace with a winning streak.


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Method:Full time/Part time
Duration:3 years
Location: Colombo


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