Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: There are so numerous Universities & Institutes in Sri Lanka. How do I choose which Universities & Institutes to apply to?

A: Examine your choices and define your priorities. Contact the counseling center nearest you and browse Universities & Institute’s search engines online. Check to see if the Universities & Institutes you are viewing accredited.

Q: What’s the difference between a Universities & Institutes?

A: A university is the highest-ranking learning institution at a tertiary level, which gives further studies in a particular area of specialization. Simultaneously, an institute is a middle-level education center that concentrates on providing instruction in a selective profession.

Q: Are there age limitations to attend Sri Lanka. Universities?

A: Normally, you must have completed high school and you must be at least 18 years of age.

Q: What is the academic calendar for Universities & Institutes in the Sri Lanka?

A: The academic year usually runs from September through May with breaks for holidays. Most universities use the semester system (two terms), the quarter method (students attend three out of four total times), or the trimester method.

Q: What is the difference between “Undergraduate” and “Graduate” degrees?

A: Undergraduate programs follow high school and lead to an associate (two-year) degree or a bachelor (four-year) degree. Graduate programs follow a bachelor’s degree and lead to a master’s or doctoral degree.


Q: How can I contact a Universities & Institutes directly?

A: You can contact a Universities & Institutes by filling out a “Request Information” form. You can found this form to the right of both the University and education program profiles.

Q: Where should I study?

A: Only you can answer this question. However, we have some excellent resources to help you make the best decision. Read our blogs for an in-depth look at studying in specific Universities & Institutes.

Q: How do I find a degree program on

A: You can find programs through our Advance search tool. You can select the Program Type you’d like to study, such as hospitality or business; the place where you’d like to explore, whether a particular country or city; and the Offer type of program, such as Bachelor or Master.

Q: Am I qualified for any scholarships?

A: The most straightforward way to find out if you are suitable for scholarships is to directly contact the institute through the “Request Information” form. You can also look at our scholarships section, which has some usual information about students’ scholarships.

Q: Where do I sign up for the newsletter?

A: You can sign up here for the newsletter.

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