Northshore College of Business & Technology

141 Church Lane, Colombo 15, Colombo, Sri Lanka Get Directions


Northshore International College is located in Sri Lanka’s capital city of Colombo exposing its state-of-the-art institute to seekers from all regions of the country and overseas. Established with the objective of contributing to the higher education sector in the country, Northshore, from its inception, has been celebrating its growing success over years, which is wholly grounded on its rigorous standards of work and relentless commitment to students, and their success. While being committed to providing high-quality education, Northshore spurs high impact research, which will contribute significantly to the enhancement of existing knowledge in various fields.

Northshore International College offers International and National undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in the fields of Management, LLB, Computing, Engineering, Education and Health Sciences. The institute demonstrating greater flexibility in responding to changes in student demand and the educational sphere. Northshore is well equipped with unmatched facilities including modern lecture rooms, laboratories, well-furnished auditorium, library, recreational facilities and other amenities ensuring an effective learning environment to its students. While offering high-quality education, Northshore retains its pride bestowing persons of moral, intellectual and professional excellence to the society.

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