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Karah International (Pvt) Ltd. is an integrated visa solution provider for Australia & Canada. We act as local affiliates for our MARA & ICCRC licensed agents who will guide you and provide assistance for all your visa processing and related services.

Am I eligible to apply as a skilled Migrant?
Given that you meet the minimum requirements in terms of educational qualifications, work experience, age and English language proficiency you can apply as a skilled migrant

Can I study in Australia?
Australia has an excellent education system. There are a variety of courses suitable for all levels of education, for all ages. People from outside Australia can travel to Australia to complete courses.

What about children?
If they are still dependent on you, they will be included on your visa.
Married / Independent children will not qualify under your visa.

Can I bring my pets with?
Yes, but it is very expensive. It requires extended periods of quarantine abroad and proves to be very traumatic for animals. Most people prefer to consider alternative arrangements like foster homes etc.

If I am applying under the partner provisions, do you need to interview me and my partner or sponsor?
In most cases we may need to interview you, but this will usually be over the telephone. Karah International will contact you if we need to arrange an interview.

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