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Helitours Technical Training Center (HTTC) is an Approved Maintenance Training Organization (AMTO) which renders expertise on Civil Aircraft Maintenance under Helitours (Pvt) Ltd, governed by Sri Lanka Air Force, in compliance with the regulations enforced by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAASL) of Sri Lanka. The approval reference is: A1/147/04.

There are four batches in the line at HTTC. The first two batches of students completed the Basic Training course in Aircraft Maintenance (BTC in AM). The first batch of students was graduated in November 2015 and has completed the Practical Maintenance Experiences (OJT) programme offers by Helitours (Pvt) Ltd in March 2016. The second batch of students will be graduated at the end of August 2016 and has been following the OJT programme at Helitours since June 2016. The third and fourth batches have been following the BTC in AM programme currently at HTTC. The fifth batch will be absorbed in January 2018. Accordingly, this institution generates lucrative professionals to the nation continually.

The students who successfully complete the training course will find prospects for employment in the Aviation industry both locally and internationally. On completion of the training, the candidates are eligible to join with an airline/ aviation industry and to appear for the AML examinations conducted by CAASL. After 2 years of the PME, the students are eligible to be issued with the AML and being recognized as the Licensed Aircraft Engineers (LAE). Accordingly, these professionals are highly attracted to local and foreign markets. Hence, this will be a life time opportunity for enthusiastic school leavers and professionals to show up their attributes in a dynamic and vibrant environment of Aviation


Basic Training Course in Aircraft Maintenance...

/40, 000 per month

Helitours Technical Training Center (HTTC), Sri Lanka Air Force, Ekala,

Medium English
Duration 2 years

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